Vacatia Liberté Management Accounting Services are designed to free you from the tedium of financial reporting. With a wide range of financial experience, our staff of professional accounting personnel offers accurate, timely and dependable services all tailored to meet your unique specifications. Among the many accounting services we provide are:

  • An accrual system of monthly financial reporting in accordance with Florida Statutes
  • Preparation of annual budgets for Board approval
  • Development of a reserve system for future replacement according to Florida Chapter 718, 719, 721
  • Management of all fees & assessments
  • Prompt follow through on all delinquent accounts
  • Expert recommendation for and filing of liens, evictions and foreclosures
  • Timely payment of all recorded, approved expenses
  • Preparation of a comprehensive monthly financial statement, including prepays, delinquencies and a full trial balance
  • Complete general ledger detail with vendors, dates and amounts paid
  • Complete reserve analysis
  • Preparation and filing of all tax forms, reports and returns as required by state, federal or insurance agencies
  • Creation of individual operating, reserve and investment accounts for each association-recommend entity
  • Notification of all state and corporate statute updates

Liberte Management Group are proud members of: